Make sure to utilize the money that is on your list, instead of squandering it!

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It is likely that you are already aware that it is easier to convince a satisfied customer to make a repeat purchase than to convince a new customer to buy from you.

Although it is widely known, it continues to surprise me that many of my clients neglect to market to their existing customers.

A genuinely straightforward and rational approach to accomplish this is by utilizing email marketing. By collecting and utilizing the email addresses of your customers, you can achieve several important goals, such as staying in contact with them.

1. It is crucial that you remain memorable to your customers. Remember, it is not their duty to remember you; it is your responsibility to ensure that they do. The process of repeat sales may take several years to finalize, and throughout that period, they may have become aware of your competitors.

2. The second goal is to boost sales. Often, you have the opportunity to provide your customers with additional products and services that they may not know about. Just imagine the impact on your company if you were able to increase peripheral sales by as little as ten percent, whether it’s through accessories or cleaning products related to your main offering, or through ongoing maintenance services.

Many businesses face a significant challenge with keeping all their customer contact information in paper files. Converting this information into a digital format would be a difficult task. Nevertheless, the advantages of undertaking this action justify the exertion. Once you have a digital list of customer contacts, you can easily reach out to them as frequently as once a month.

Many people often mention in their feedback that they already receive a large amount of spam mail and do not want to come across as a pushy or aggressive business. However, it is not necessary to adopt such tactics. The key lies in knowing the correct and incorrect approaches to email marketing, with the ultimate goal being to encourage customers to open your emails.

If you continuously ask your customers to make a purchase, they will inevitably become annoyed and perceive your emails as irritating. This will not benefit your sales or your company’s reputation at all. Providing value is the most effective way to ensure that your customers will gladly receive your emails.

What are common problems faced by your clients? What concerns do they have? By proving yourself as an expert who can effectively solve their issues, you will establish trust and remain memorable to them when they are ready to make another purchase. Furthermore, this approach ensures that occasional sales pitches won’t bother them.

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